Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about FlexxPay

  1. What is FlexxPay?

    FlexxPay is a benefit that employers can offer to their employees to help them overcome financial needs between paydays. With FlexxPay, employers can directly invest in their most valuable asset – their employees. On the FlexxPay platform, employees are able to access a portion of their already earned but currently unpaid income with zero interest rate. They can perform bank transfers, start a savings plan and more.

    FlexxPay acts as an agent between employers and their employee and gives employees access to earned income on behalf of the employer.

  2. How does FlexxPay help a business?

    Businesses benefit heavily from working with FlexxPay:

    • Increase sales, workforce productivity, employee retention and happiness

    • No running costs, no risk, easy system integration

    • No changes to the payroll cycle or impact on cash flow

    • Reduce workload on HR and Finance.

  3. How does FlexxPay help employees?

    Employees benefit in multiple ways from FlexxPay:

    • Access to their earned income, instantly, whenever needed

    • No loan, no interest, only a fixed nominal transaction fee applies

    • Onboarding within minutes

    • No credit checks. Automatic eligibility for all employees once their employer is enrolled

    • Access to other valuable employee benefits

  4. How does a business offer FlexxPay to their employees?

    FlexxPay partners with employers to deliver financial wellness services to their employees. The employer agrees to offer FlexxPay as an employee benefit. No integration is needed, but possible. Highest security standards are followed. The service can go live within 48 hours.

    Any business can offer FlexxPay’s financial wellness service to its employees.

  5. Are there additional charges for the FlexxPay service?

    No. Employees can access the services at a nominal transaction fee and use the savings tool free of cost.

  6. Is there any interest charged by FlexxPay?

    No. FlexxPay is not a credit solution and there is never any interest charged or paid by the employee.

  7. Is FlexxPay a consumer loan provider?

    No. FlexxPay is a purely a technology solutions provider for employers. It is not a credit solution.

  8. Is there any cost for an employer to offer the FlexxPay service to their employees?

    No. There are no running costs for the employer. Depending on the size and complexity of an organization, FlexxPay might charge a one time setup fee.

  9. Is FlexxPay compliant with the wage protection system (WPS)?

    Yes. Any access to income that is processed and transferred to the employee is marked as a salary component. This means nothing else than that the employee received part of his earnings earlier during the month, and the rest with the regular payroll. So during the pay period the employee will have received their earnings in full. This is what WPS cares about.

  10. Does FlexxPay interfere with loans that employees currently have?

    No. The maximum amount that an employee can access is 50% of their earned income. As per central bank regulations, the maximum loan facilities that can be given to an individual must never exceed 33%-50% of their earnings. The labor law states that no deductions for loans of more than usually c. 10% (may vary between countries) may be done from someone’s monthly earnings. So a loan facility will never conflict with FlexxPay income access service.

  11. What happens if an employee does not come to work or is absconding?

    The maximum amount that an employee can access is 50% of their earned income. So if an employee does not show up or is absconding, the company always has “a buffer” as a backup. The company should change the status of an employee to “on hold” on the FlexxPay platform so that further access to income is not possible.

  12. Does FlexxPay process payroll?

    No, FlexxPay does not process payroll. The employer or their designated payroll provider processes payroll.

  13. Does FlexxPay integrate into an employer’s HR or payroll system?

    FlexxPay does not require any system integration with any of the employer’s systems. The employer simply signs up to FlexxPay and will then receive a username and set a password to access the platform. Once an employer is enrolled, all employees automatically qualify to use FlexxPay services. FlexxPay can however integrate with an existing system, if the employer wishes so.

  14. Does FlexxPay have an impact on an employer’s cash flow?

    No. FlexxPay acts as an agent between the employer and employee. FlexxPay records receivables and the employer records corresponding payables for each income access that is processed. Amounts and fees are then paid by the employer to FlexxPay as part of the monthly recurring payroll process of the employer.

  15. How secure is the data provided to FlexxPay?

    All the data is hosted in the cloud, locally in each country. Data is encrypted at rest and in transport. PCI standards are used to maintain the highest level of data security. Please refer also to FlexxPay privacy statement (

  16. Who is in control of the company and employee data?

    The owner and controller of the data are the company and each individual employee. FlexxPay is the processor of the data. The company or employee may request deletion of the data at any point of time.

  17. Is FlexxPay Sharia compliant?

    Yes, FlexxPay is Sharia compliant. Please click here for the certificate.

  18. Why does FlexxPay exist?

    At FlexxPay, we believe that anyone should have access to their earned income whenever they need it. They earned it, why not let them access it? We are here to make this happen. We are here to remove financial stress from people, increase employee productivity and have an overall positive impact on society. That’s why we do what we do.