Our Mission

In a traditional pay cycle, an employee gets paid the salary at the end of each month. This method of paying employees is failing many average paid workers. More than 50% of the workforce live from payday to payday, unable to cover unexpected expenses that come up during a month. For many, that means skipping meals, selling possessions, taking on any extra work or going through extreme measures.

This problem deserves a solution. It’s the reason we do what we do.

Our mission is to fix the pay frequency problem at its root by providing businesses and their employees with an instant pay platform. We empower those who need it the most to access a portion of their already earned salaries whenever they need it.

Our vision is simple – bring financial security, dignity, and savings to the millions experiencing financial stress.

Our Values


No loan, no interest, just financial wellbeing through technology


No hidden costs, determined to make a social impact on everyday lives


No cost, no risk for employers, no integration with your systems needed


Boost retention & productivity, reduce recruitment costs, increase employees’ happiness

Everyone wins

We empower working lives and provide financial well being to all employees.

For your company, we boost sales, workforce productivity, motivation & retention.